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  Dance Floor Refurbishment  

Dance floor Repair, Refurbishment and Renovation

Do you own your own dance floor? Is it in need of some Tender Loving Care? Bring your own acrylic and wooden dance floors back to life again.
Dance Floor Repair Dance Floor Refurbishment
Dance Floor Refurbishment and Repair
Dance Floor Cleaning
Refurbished Dance Floor

Dance floor Refurbishment and Renovation

Refurbishing Dance floors is an ideal cost-effective way for Dance floor, Marquee companies and Hotels for getting a new lease of life from your current floors. At around 20% of the cost of new.

Corporate Events UK Ltd has been in the dance floor business since the 1980ís when we were the first to take delivery of the LED floors, since then we have developed and mastered a way of cleaning and restoring older tired looking dance floor panels to look as good as new

Up until that point this was not possible for the black and white panels but now it is

Pure Black, Pure white, Black and White in fact any colour acrylic floors can be done even LED and RGB floors.

  • The process will return the floor to a high gloss/shiny finish
  • Removes all of scratches
  • Brings used and well-worn floors back to life
  • Works on the Starlit, LED, RGB, CC and P Light style floors
  • Your Guests and Clients will love the look and your repeat business will increase
  • Cost effect, gives you a new life span for used worn out floors at a fraction of the cost of replacing for new

  • Costs are as Follows: for 4x2 and 2x2 panels
    1-100 panels £20 each
    101 plus panels £17.50 each

    Additional costs would apply if you wanted LED floors repaired that have LEDís not working.

    All prices are plus vat at the current rate and transport may be added on top, depending where you are. But, remember! you can deliver to our unit in Berkshire Junction 10 of the M4 or Junction 3 of the M3 for free and collect a couple of days later.

    Please see below some pictures of a dance floor before and after being refurbished:


    Dance Floor RefurbishmentDance Floor Refurbishment


    Dance Floor RefurbishmentDance Floor Refurbishment

    A client's floor that is over 7 years old given a new lease of life

    Dance Floor Refurbishment

    Corporate Events UK Ltd is also a distributor of Dance Floor, LED bars and tables and even Stages.

    Please contact us for further information or for an obligation free quote on your dance floor needs.

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